C.G. Jung, The Red Book

The Red Book records Jung's creative pregnancy
after his break with Freud. It is one of the twentieth century's
most important documents of the soul.
The first hints of the spirit and matter theme
appear in The Red Book.

seminar 1a 1b intro, to page 229
seminar 2a 2b to page 230
seminar 3a 3b to page 231
seminar 4a 4b to page 234
seminar 5a 5b to page 237
seminar 6a 6b to page 242
seminar 7a 7b to page 243
seminar 8a 8b to page 245
seminar 9a 9b to page 247
seminar 10a 10b to page 248

seminar 11a 11b to page 249
seminar 12a 12b to page 251
seminar 13a 13b to page 252, van der Post
seminar 14a 14b to page 255
seminar 15a 15b to page 260
seminar 16a 16b to page 263
seminar 17a 17b to page 264
seminar 18a 18b to page 266
seminar 19a 19b to page 269
seminar 20a 20b to page 270

seminar 21a 21b to page 273
seminar 22a 22b to page 275
seminar 23a 23b to page 277, Gilgamesh
seminar 24a 24b to page 280
seminar 25a 25b review, to page 281
seminar 26a 26b to page 283
seminar 27a 27b to page 285
seminar 28a 28b to page 286, the mythology of physics
seminar 29a 29b to page 287
seminar 30a 30b to page 288

seminar 31a 31b to page 290
seminar 32a 32b to page 291
seminar 33a 33b to page 293
seminar 34a 34b to page 297
seminar 35a 35b to page 298, science and feeling
seminar 36a 36b to page 299, the beginning of synthesis
seminar 37a 37b to page 301, "the completion of a long path"
seminar 38a 38b to page 303
seminar 39a 39b to page 306, forshadows synchronicity
seminar 40a 40b to page 309

seminar 41a 41b to page 310
seminar 42a 42b to page 314
seminar 43a 43b to page 316
seminar 44a 44b to page 318
seminar 45a 45b to page 320, more synthesis
seminar 46a 46b summary, to page 322
seminar 47a 47b to page 325
seminar 48a 48b to page 327
seminar 49a 49b to page 333
seminar 50a 50b to page 335

seminar 51a 51b to page 338
seminar 52a 52b to page 339
seminar 53a 53b to page 341
seminar 54a 54b to page 344
seminar 55a 55b to page 345/370
seminar 56a 56b to page 345/371
seminar 57a 57b to page 364/346
seminar 58a 58b to page 349
seminar 59a 59b to page 351
seminar 60a 60b to page 352

seminar 61a 61b to page 353
seminar 62a 62b to page 355
seminar 63a 63b to page 357
seminar 64a 64b finished
seminar 65a 65b summary review #1
seminar 66a 66b summary review #2
seminar 67a 67b summary review #3
seminar 68a 68b summary review #4
seminar 69a 69b summary review #5
seminar 70a 70b Carol's presentation

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