An Introduction to Jung's Major Works
a.k.a. Digestible Jung

The series introduces an overview of Jungian psychology.
Since Jungian concepts are utilized throughout this website,
these workshops may be of help for the curious explorer.
The relevance of Jung's research
for the future of science is indicated.

Jung's Basics in (very) Brief

A very, very, very quick look at some of the basic
hypotheses of Jungian psychology.

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Symbols of Transformation
(Jung's Collected Works, vol. 5)

A rewrite of Jung's first major work, 1911-1912, 1952;
it's contents precipitated his break with Freud.

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Mysterium Coniunctionis I
(Jung's Collected Works, vol. 14)

Jung's magnum opus, 1955-1956:
the book concerns alchemical images,
especially their importance in dreams.

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Mysterium Coniunctionis II
(Jung's Collected Works, vol. 14)

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(Jung's Collected Works, vol. 9i)

An examination of the archetypal forces shaping history.
Suprisingly useful for understanding certain dreams.
Aion was published in 1951

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"Answer to Job"
(in Jung's
Collected Works, vol.11)

The psychology of the Western God-image (1952):
its problematic aspects and possibilies for healing.
A valuable contribution to reflections on trauma, as well.

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"Psychology of the Transference"
(in Jung's
Collected Works, vol. 16)

A study of the role of erotic feelings in the analytic process.
Alchemical imagery is the thread of Ariadne winding through
this treacherous labrynth. Published in 1946.

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Synchronicity and the Matter of God
(from Jung's

An examination of Jung's thoughts on synchronicity,
as well as their importance for science and religion.
A re-examination of the nature of matter.
The last two segments particularly consider what
this means for science.

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seminar 8c matter and science
seminar 8d matter and science

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