Marie-Louise von Franz's Interpretation
of Aurora Consurgens

Aurora Consurgens is a Medieval text centering on the figure of Sophia.
She embodies the spiritiual power of the material world, where
the guidance of the spirit emerges from below, not descends from above.

seminar 1a 1b intro
seminar 2a 2b intro
seminar 3a 3b intro, pages ix, 153-157
seminar 4a 4b pages 157-159
seminar 5a 5b pages 160-165
seminar 6a 6b pages 166-173
seminar 7a 7b pages 173-208
seminar 8a 8b pages 203-211
seminar 9a 9b pages 212-223
seminar 10a 10b pages 223-231

seminar 11a 11b pages 231-238
seminar 12a 12b pages 238-242
seminar 13a 13b pages 242-256
seminar 14a 14b pages 256-267
seminar 15a 15b pages 267-271
seminar 16a 16b pages 271-284
seminar 17a 17b pages 284-295
seminar 18a 18b pages 296-313
seminar 19a 19b pages 314-320
seminar 20a 20b pages 321-337

seminar 21a 21b pages 337-342
seminar 22a 22b pages 342-352
seminar 23a 23b pages 352-361
seminar 24a 24b pages 361-363
seminar 25a 25b pages 363-365
seminar 26a 26b review, page 365
seminar 27a 27b pages 365-374
seminar 28         pages 374-379
seminar 29a 29b pages 379-391
seminar 30a 30b pages 391-404

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